Automobile Exhaust Gas Measurement LT501 Automotive Exhaust Gas Analyzer

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Automobile Exhaust Gas Measurement LT501 Automotive Exhaust Gas Analyzer
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Place of Origin: Tianjin, China
ブランド名: ME
Model Number: LT501
Application Area: Automobile Exhaust Gas Measurement
Measure Gas Type: HC, CO, CO2, O2, NOx
Operation Menu: English/ Customized
Oil temperature Tester: Optional
RPM Tester: Optional
Connect to Computer: with RS232 Line
Gross Weight: 15Kg
Package Dimension: 610*500*330mm
Brand: ME/ Customized
Color: Orange/ Blue/ Customized
Place of Origin: Tianjin, China
ブランド名: ME, ME/ Customized
Model Number: LT501
Packaging Details: Weight: 15Kg Dimension: 610*500*330mm Packed In cartons
Supply Ability: 500 Unit/Units per Month 50 Set in Stock Usually

 LT501 Automotive Exhaust Gas Analyzer


1. Functional feature

1). Used to measure the concentration of HC, CO, CO2, O2, NO in the Automobile Exhaust Gas.

2). Two kinds of test function: General and Two-speed idle

3). Full English Menu Operation

4). LCD (liquid crystal) screen displays

5). Auto-zeroing

6). Automatic calculation and show the air-fuel ratio λ

7). Equipped with RS232 digital serial communication interface to facilitate networking

8). Optional function: rotate speed and oil temperature measurement

9). Equipped with functions of Plate number and time display

10). Can store and search 500 groups of data, built-in printer

11). Measurable with liquefied gas (LG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and gasoline and other alternative fuel vehicles.


2. The main technical parameters


Instrument Precision
 Measurement RangeIndicated Error
Absolute ErrorRelative error
CO0~10×10-2 (%)vol ±0.06×10-2(%)vol±5%
CO20~20×10-2 (%)vol ±0.5×10-2(%)vol±5%
HC0~10000×10-6 (ppm)vol ±12×10-6 vol±5%
O20~25×10-2 (%)vol±0.1×10-2(%)vol±5%
NO0~40000×10-6 (ppm)vol  ±25×10-6 vol±4%


Other Sepcifications
Response Times:CO, HC, CO2 10S
 NO, O2 15S
Power:  220V / 50Hz (can be customized)
Preheating Time:10min (3 min. warm-up for fast measurement)
Display Method:LCD large screen display
Gross Weight:15Kg
Packing Size:610*500*330mm
Temperature-5~40 centigrade
Humidityno more than 85%
Atmospheric Pressure86~106kPa
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Packaging & Shipping

Weight:       15Kg 

Dimension: 610*500*330mm 

Packing:      Cartons



Packing List
1LT501 Automobile Exhaust Gas Analyzer Main Machine1
2Standard Gas(if ship by air, will not be included)2
3Protective Tube2
4Sampling Handle1
5Probe Tube1
6Operation  Instruction1
7Calibration Certificate1
8Filter Paper1
9220V power line1
10Front Filter8
11After-filter Tip10
12Tail Pipe (1m)1
13Print Paper1
14Specialized Spanner1
15Network Tie-in 1
16Pump Cover 2
17Filter Element For Oil-water Separator2
18PC Software and Operation video1
19Oil Temperature Tester (Optional)1
20RPM Tester (Optional)1
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LT501 Automotive Exhaust Gas Analyzer

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