PGas-31-SF6 Newly Automotive SF6 Gas and Smoke Detector Exhaust Gas Analyzer with High Quality

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PGas-31-SF6 Newly Automotive SF6 Gas and Smoke Detector Exhaust Gas Analyzer with High Quality
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Place of Origin: China
ブランド名: Globeinstruments
Model Number: PGas-31-SF6
Accuracy: ±1%
Alarm type: Buzzer
SF6: 0-1000ppm
Certificate: CE
Display mode: OLED
'Sampling method: Pump sampling
Approval: IP65, Ex(ia) IIC T3
Measuring principle: Infrared (NDIR)
Weight: 4KG
Usage: SF6
Place of Origin: China
ブランド名: Globeinstruments
証明: CE
Model Number: PGas-31-SF6
Packaging Details: cartoon box cartoon box cartoon box
Supply Ability: 100 Piece/Pieces per Week
Brief Introduction
PGas-31 portable infrared gas detector is mainly used for leakage detection of various gases in the environment.It is based on the principle of (NDIR) "non-dispersive infrared" with good stability and long lifespan.It adopts pump design and can find the leakage point quickly. It has the features of high sensitivity, quick response. Backpack design make it easy to carry and measure. It can display clearly during operation at night because of OLED display screen.
PGas-24 is a concentration detector applicable for continue measurement of CO2 and O2 in buildings,offices,laboratories,teaching experiment,greenhouse&etc.It alternates every others 5 seconds and measures the concentration of CO2 and O2 separately.
The instrument adopts advanced 16-bit microcontroller with extra low power consumption and quick processing speed. It is firm and durable with the anti-skid design of shell. It is widely used in petroleum, petrochemistry, chemical industry, gas, coal, metallurgy and power system; safety detection in municipal administration, communication and traffic tunnel construction; electronics and semiconductor industry and other places where toxic and harmful gases exist.

Parameters Characteristics
Detected Gas
Sampling Method
Pump sampling
Measurement Principle
Infrared (NDIR)
Response Time
Detection Error
Operation Mode
Display Mode
OLED display
Working Temperature
Environment Humidity
0~90%RH (without condensation)
Storage Temperature
Power Supply
7.2V DC, internal lithium battery power supply
Rechargeable lithium battery inside (capacity: 12000mA/h)
Host machine 260mmX250mmX110mm Probe 360mmX140mmX130mm
Host machine 3kg Probe 1kg
Certification of Explosion Protection
ExiaII CT3
Calibration Mode
Select calibration cap, thus facilitate users for its calibration.

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Our company was established in 2004, engaged in researching and developing high quality air-sensitive technology. Our company has first-grade equipment, scientific methods, project management system and excellent employees. Our main products are gas-leakage detectors and gas analyzers, and are widely used in industrial field and chemical industry. Our company is always ready for supplying excellent products and professional service.

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